PADI Resort

PADI Resort

PADI Resort in West Crete

divebuddyGR base is a PADI Resort established inside Kavousi Resort Hotel at Falassarna area, Kissamos Chania Crete.

Starting from our base at Falassarna, we are conducting

  • Two (2) recreational dives every day
  • A Morning dive and an afternoon dive
  • We dive all around Kissamos providence
  • also the Cape of Gramvousa,
  • and of course the West Coasts of Crete with a focus on education and recreation

We also offer

  • experience programs for totally new beginners
  • to experience the fantastic sensation of underwater breathing for the very first time and
  • stay into the underwater environment for longer than one single breath!

All the dive programs provided are signed by the world’s leading diving organization, PADI of which we are a Dive Resort member since 2016 with Certification number # 25333

Whether you are a certified diver or you have never tried to dive with a scuba unit,

  • join us in an unforgettable underwater experience
  • diving an exceptional environment with safe conditions in the water,
  • great visibility and
  • normal temperatures throughout the year.

Crete and Chania are famous for

  • their unique marine attractions,
  • splendid food,
  • but also amazing remote destinations such our providence, Kissamos

Kissamos offers the visitor the opportunity to admire our cultural and religious heritage, beautiful natural landscapes and tranquil resting moments near some of the best beaches in Crete such as Balos, Falassarna and Elafonissi!

So choose West Crete to discover scuba diving in Crete or get certified as a scuba diver by joining divebuddyGR educational programs like PADI Discover Scuba Diving or the PADI Open Water Diver Course if you want to become a scuba diver!

Your underwater adventure in Crete starts here!

Book your stay at Kavousi Resort today!

PADI Resort in West Crete